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    Conference Topics

    1Fundamental for Plasmas, Films and Coatings
    • New discharge, diagnostics, modelling and simulation
    • Design and modeling of functional coatings and thin films
    • Nucleation and growth of films and coatings
    • Surface science and interface
    2Plasma and Ion Sources, and Processes
    • 2D and 3D magnetron sputtering sources and processes
    • HiPIMS and ultra high density discharge
    • Advanced PECVD sources and processes
    • Atmospheric pressure sources and processes
    • Plasma processes in solution and plasma sintering
    • ion implantation and PSII sources, deposition and etching
    • plasma spraying, catalysis
    • eco friendly processes
    • Hybrid plasma sources and processes
    3Functional Films and Processes for Semiconductor and Electronics
    • Functional electronic films and materials for digital devices
    • Nano films and processes for semiconductor
    • Plasma etching and patterning
    • 2D and single crystal films
    • ALD, Plasma ALD, atomic processes
    • High barrier coatings and encapsulation for flexible devices
    • Functional films and materials for sensors
    • Hybrid printing processes
    4Tribological and Protective Coatings
    • Hard and super hard coatings
    • Lubrication and wear resistant coatings
    • Corrosion resistant and protective coatings
    • Elevated temperature protective coatings
    • Plasma nitriding, carburizing, boriding
    • Functional plasma diffusion and hard surfacing
    5Functional Plasma Surface Treatment and coatings
    • Plasma cleaning, activation, grafting
    • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings and surface treatment
    • Ice free, flame retardant and anti dust coatings and treatment
    • Functional treatment and coating of polymers and textile
    6Optics and Opto-electronics
    • Functional optical design and films
    • Optical filters, Antireflective, interference,
    • Films for LED and OLED
    • Films and devices for optical storage and image pick up
    • Films and devices for optical communications and remote sensing etc.
    7Nano materials and Devices
    • nano powders synthesis
    • MEMS, NEMS and nano devices
    • Nano etching and patterning for nano devices
    • Nano structuring and surface texturing
    • Graphene, CNT etc.
    8Green Energy and Environment
    • Films and coatings for green energy harvesting and storage
    • Solar cell, thermoelectric, piezoelectric films etc.
    • Thin film battery, electrodes and solid electrolytes
    • Smart and electrochromic window
    • Destruction of toxic gases and wastes
    • Removal of SOx, NOx and CO2
    • Replacement of harmful processes
    9Bio, Agriculture, Medicine and Life Science
    • Bio science on interaction of plasma and micro-organisms
    • Plasma-cell biology and plasma cell interaction
    • Bio compatible functionalization of implant and dental materials
    • Plasma sterilization, anti bacteria surface and coatings
    • Seed germination, pesticide removal, storage, food processing
    • Activation of solution for cell control by plasma
    • Wound and cancer treatment
    • Skin rejuvenation and dermatology
    10Wet and Plasma Electrolytic Technology
    • Surface modification by plasma in solution
    • Plasma anodizing of non ferrous alloys (Al, Mg etc.)
    • Synthesis of particles by plasma process in solution
    • Surface cleaning, polishing by plasma in solution
    11Analysis and Evaluation of Films and Coatings
    • Advanced analysis of films and coatings
    • Reliability of functional films and coatings
    • Interface analysis
    12Industrial Technology and New Applications
    • Industrial coatings and applications for mobility, electronics, energy, environment
    • Large scale cost effective coatings, processes and systems
    • Roll-to-Roll PVD and PECVD processes
    • Roll-to-Roll ALD and PEALD
    • Advanced target materials
    • Emerging industrial application technologies