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    JEJU GRAND HOTEL with 38years of history is just reborn as MAISON GLAD after completion of a year of renovation. The newly renovated hotel is reborn with modern facilities and new programs, at the same time, it still maintain its original heritage story. It is the second chain hotel of "GLAD Hotel Group" under "DAELIM Hotel brand" following the GLAD Hotel, Yeouido. The "GLAD Hotel Group brand" pursuits practicalities in many areas such as Spaces, Designs, Service, etc. It keeps put efforts to harmonize between local attractive features and brand for the successful brand building. The brand hotel is planning to build its new hotels more in lots of cities.


    Jeju International Airport

    The Jeju International Airport is located in the north of Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. There are 13 domestic airliners and about 122 airplanes are in service in one day. As for international lines, there are 7 airliners including from the Narita Airport of Japan. On average 4 planes are in service a day.

    AEPSE2019 Shuttle Bus Service (Sep 01 ~ Sep 02, 2019)

    A Shuttle bus to the venue will be arranged on the 01 to 02 of September only.
    It leaves the airport at every hours from 09:00 to 18:00.
    The AEPSE2019 staffs will wait for the participants at the Gate 3 (see the circle in the photo below) inside the airport.
    Shuttle buses leave every hour, so attendees must arrive 15 minutes before departure.
    Please find the staff wearing a AEPSE2019 T-Shirt or the banner.
    The bus will stop at the venue. (Maison Glad Hotel)

    Other Transportation to the Venue

    Local Taxi
    The distance from the Jeju International Airport to the Maison Glad Jeju (the venue, former Jeju Grand Hotel) is approximately 3.5 km. It is strongly recommended to take a local taxi as the distance is not far. Getting out through the gates at the airport (Gate 4 or 5) you could see a line of the short distance taxies waiting for customers across the road. Take your turn to catch and get on one and then tell the driver 'Maison Glad Jeju'. It would be better to say 'Jeju Grand Hotel' as the former name of the hotel is still familiar to the driver. The fare is approximately 4,000 Korean wons (less than 5 USD) and it will take about 15 minutes to the venue. If you need any help, please find the information desk or staffs near the AEPSE2019 banner.
    Local Bus
    Another way to get to venue is to take a local bus. The available bus numbers are 70, 200, 500 etc. It will take about 20 to 25 minutes including several-minute walking. The fare is less than 1 USD but you have to pay in cash. Please exchange some Korean currency and prepare two 1,000 KRW notes before taking the bus. There is a limit of running time. Mostly it is from 6 am to 10 pm. If you need any help at the airport, please find the information desk or the staffs near the AEPSE2019 banner.

    Transit from the Incheon International Airport (ICN) to the Gimpo Internatioal Airport (GMP)

    The distance between the ICN and GMP is ca. 21 miles (You cannot walk!). There are several ways (train, bus and taxi) to get to the other airport. However it is strongly recommended to take the train, A'REX. Although the transportation is well arranged, the train will be the best way for you to keep the transit schedule on time. And also you cannot get lost in a strange place. If you need further help, please go to the airport information or transit information desks.

    A'REX Train
    The A'REX train provides transportation between the two airports. The travel time by Express is 25 minutes (the train comes every 30 minutes) and by Commuter is 40 minutes (train comes about every 12 minutes). Please use Korean currency.

    Transit Travelers arriving at the other airports in Seoul

    Participants from China and Japan can reach to the Jeju Island directly. Most of the participants from the other areas in the southeastern or western Asian countries would arrive in Korea through the Incheon International Airport (ICN). In this case it is common for the travelers to make transit to the domestic flights at the Gimpo International Airport (GMP) which is approximately 21 miles away from the ICN. Please carefully read the following information on the airport transit.