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    Young Scientist Award

    About the award

    Young Scientist Award in AEPSE2019 will be bestowed to honor and encourage outstanding young scientists whose academic achievements and current research works demonstrate a high level of excellence and distinction. The winners of gold, silver and bronze will be awarded. The AEPSE2019 committees will nominate young scientists with outstanding and exceptional abilities showing great potentials toward significant future progress in a variety of research fields covered in the AEPSE conference.

    Award Package

    The award winners will be selected by the award committee of Aepse2019.
    The winner will receive a certificate of the award and a free banquet ticket as well as a winner prize of US$ 500, 300 and 200 for gold, silver and bronze.

    Rules and Eligibility

    The potential award winners will be nominated by the committee members of AEPSE2019 which are advisory, scientific and program committees.
    The nominee shall not have reached his or her 45th birthday on or before September1st, 2019.
    The nominee will be requested to submit the documents [curriculum vitae (CV) including the date of birth (2-pages maximum), and list of recent publications (2-pages maximum)], to aepse2019@aepse.org. The nominee must have completed abstract submission as an oral presenter in AEPSE2019.
    The award winners will be selected by the young scientist award committee of AEPSE2019 based on the documents submitted by the nominees.
    The award winners will be announced in the award ceremony to be held during the banquet of the AEPSE2019.