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    Conference Topics

    1Fundamental for Plasmas, Films and Coatings
    • New discharge, diagnostics, modelling and simulation
    • Modelling and design of functional thin films and coatings
    • Surface science and interface etc.
    2Plasmas, Ion Sources and Processes
    • Magnetron sputtering, HiPIMS and ultra-high-density discharge
    • Advanced PECVD sources, atmospheric pressure plasma sources
    • Solution plasmas and processes
    • ALD, Plasma ALD, atomic processes
    • Ion implantation and PSII sources, plasma spraying etc.
    3Functional Films and processes for microelectronics, optoelectronics and digital electronics
    • Functional electronic films and materials for microelectronics and digital devices
    • Thin films on polymer and flexible electronics
    • Multi-functional films and devices for optics, optoelectronic and sensors
    • Nano films and materials, MEMS, NEMS
    • 2D materials and devices etc.
    4Tribological and Protective Coatings
    • Hard, and super hard coatings, lubrication and wear resistant coatings
    • DLC and diamond films and coatings
    • Corrosion resistant and protective coatings and simulation
    • Plasma nitriding, carburizing, boriding
    • Wet and dry hybrid coatings and processes etc.
    • Shipbuilding and offshore structure
    5Advanced Surface Engineering
    • Plasma cleaning, activation, grafting
    • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings and surface treatment
    • Ice free, flame retardant and anti-dust coatings and treatment
    • Functional treatment and coating of polymers and textiles etc.
    6Green Energy and Environment
    • Films and coatings for green energy harvesting and storage
    • Solar cell, thermoelectric, piezoelectric films, electrochromic films
    • Thin films and coatings for battery, fuel cells, catalysis, etc.
    • Destruction of toxic gases and VOC chemicals, wastes and contaminated solution etc.
    7Bio, Medicine, Agriculture and Life Science
    • Bio interface science on interaction of plasma and micro-organisms
    • Bio functional processes for tissues, implants and dental materials
    • Plasma sterilization, anti-microbial surface and coatings
    • Plasma seed germination, pesticide removal, storage, food processing etc.
    • Plasma medicine treatment, skin rejuvenation and dermatology etc.
    8Analysis and Evaluation of Films and Coatings
    • Advanced analysis of films, coatings and interfaces
    • Evaluation and life cycle assessment of functional films and coatings etc.
    9Industrial Technology and New Applications
    • Industrial coatings and applications for mobility, electronics, energy, environment
    • Hydrogen leakage blocking coatings
    • Large-scale cost-effective coatings, processes and systems
    • Emerging industrial application technologies etc.