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    IPFW 2021

    Welcome Message
    The 6th International Plasma Farming Workshop (IPFW 2021) will be held in the Busan, Korea during
    September 27-30, 2021. February 7-11, 2022.

    In recent decades, active studies have begun for applying plasma science and technology to bring about innovations in agriculture and food industries using the unique physical and chemical properties of low temperature plasmas. ‘Plasma Farming’ is the comprehensive plasma application to the entire cycle in agriculture and food from farm to table including cultivation such as plant farm and animal farm, postharvest for preservation and storage with long shelf life, food safety, and even waste treatment.

    We pursue the core values of Plasma Farming: ① high-productive and ② sustainable or eco-friendly farm, ③ safe food without any nutrient loss, and ④ smart technology with ICT, IoT, and AI.

    The IPFW aims to share research results and discuss ideas on science and engineering in physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, food, environment, and etc. related to Plasma Farming. The IPFW explores challenges and opportunities to create innovative technologies, systems, and platforms based on plasma technology for future agriculture and food industries.

    Topics include the following fields:

    • Overviews of Plasma Agriculture and Food Cycle
    • Plasma Sources and Characterization for Agriculture and Food Cycle
    • Case Studies, Diagnostics, Modeling and Mechanism Studies
    • Application Feasibility and Commercialization Issues

    Welcome all of researchers, businesspersons and officials to IPFW!

    keynote speakers

    Name Affiliation Nationality Note
    Seong Bong Kim Korea Institute of Fusion Energy Korea
    Overview of Plasma Farming in Korea
    Masaharu Shiratani Kyushu University Japan
    Present status and future direction of plasma farming in Japan
    Komgrit Leksakul Chiang Mai University Thailand
    National Research Strategies: Plasma Frontier and Application
    Nevena Puač Physics Belgrade Institute Serbia
    EU activities: Non-equilibrium plasma as a novel tool in agriculture and food technologies

    Invited speakers

    Name Affiliation Nationality Note
    Young Sun Mok Jeju National University Korea
    High-throughput ethylene removal in a monolith-supported catalytic reactor combined with plasma
    Cheorun Jo Seoul National University Korea
    Synergistic effect of blue light and plasma activated water against Staphylococcus aureus
    Gyungsoon Park Kwangwoon University Korea
    Enhancement of fungal enzyme secretion by plasma
    Dong-Hyun Kang Seoul National University Korea
    Applications of Cold Plasma Technology for Improving Microbiological Safety in Food Manufacturing Process
    Seunghun Lee Korea Materials Science Institute Korea
    Research of low temperature plasma for the control of infectious airborne pathogens
    Seungmin Ryu Korea Institute of Fusion Energy Korea
    The Quality Characteristics of Stored Onions Using Plasma Technology
    SangHoo Park Korea Institute of Fusion Energy Korea
    Nonheating ozone suppression in air discharges
    Young Koung Lee Korea Institute of Fusion Energy Korea
    Plasma-activated water regulates plant root development
    Keisuke Takashima Tohoku University Japan
    Air and water discharge plasma for reactive spec
    Masafumi Ito Meijo University Japan
    Plasma enhanced biorefinery using atmospheric pressure plasmas
    Katsuyuki Takahashi Iwate University Japan
    Use of high voltage and plasma for agriculture
    Sa-nguansak Thanapornpoonpong Chiang Mai University Thailand
    Plasma Treatment Enables on Expedient Germination for Chili Seeds: Insights into Seed Coat Properties
    Mudtorlep Nisoa Walailak University Thailand
    Characteristics of sub-atmospheric plasma-activated water system for germination of oil palm seed
    Artit Chingsungnoen Mahasarakham University Thailand
    Development of multihole atmospheric plasma jet for growth rate enhancement
    Khanit Matra Srinakharinwirot University Thailand
    Applications of atmospheric plasma for MBR effluent treatment and agricultural enhancement
    P. J. Cullen Sydney University Australia
    Plasma-driven Power-to-X
    Gregory Fridman AAPlasma, LLC USA
    Pre-Commercial Feasibility Evaluation of Non-Equilibrium Pulsed Discharge for Sanitation of Whole and Cut Fresh