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    Invited Speakers

    Plasma Fundamentals

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title Bio
    Hiroshi Akatsuka
    Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Tomographic Diagnosis of Plasma Parameters of ICP Discharge by Optical Emission Spectroscopy Measurement Assisted with Collisional-radiative Model
    Timo Gans
    Dublin City University Ireland The Role of Surface Interactions and Negative Ions in Radio-frequency Driven Plasmas
    Holger Kersten
    Kiel University Germany Determination of the Energy Flux from Process Plasma to Substrate by Passive and Active Thermal Probes
    Hyo-Chang Lee
    Korea Aerospace University Korea Electrically and Optically Measured Electron Plasma Frequency for Plasma Diagnostics
    Bibhuti Bhusan Sahu
    IIT Delhi India Low and High Frequency Hybrid Plasmas and Their Perspective for Material Processing
    Choncharoen Sawangrat
    Chiang Mai University Thailand A Potential of Cold Plasma Technology for Food Security in Thailand
    Naoki Shirai
    Hokkaido University Japan Self-organized Pattern Formation Observed in DC Excited Glow Discharge in Atmospheric Pressure Air
    Haruka Suzuki
    Nagoya University Japan Production and Application of High-density Microwave Plasma in Contact with Flowing Liquid

    Coatings and Thin Films

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title Bio
    Bill Baloukas
    Polytechnique Montreal Canada >Next Generation Optical Coatings: Hybrid, Active and Nanostructured
    Yin-Yu Chang
    National Formosa University Taiwan >Development of Multicomponent and Multilayer Hard Coatings for Thermal Stabilities and Tribological Applications
    Hisashi Kitami
    Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan Characteristics of Oxide Semiconductor Films Deposited by Reactive Plasma Deposition
    Sungmo Moon
    Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) Korea Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of Light Metals in Aqueous Solutions
    Tetsuhide Shimizu
    Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan Towards The Growth of Cubic Boron Nitride Coatings by High-power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
    Helmut Riedl-Tragenreif
    Technische Universität Wien Austria Next-generation Protective Coating Materials - From Binary to Quaternary Transition Metal Diborides
    Jyh-Ming Wu
    National Tsing Hua University Taiwan Progress on Piezocatalysis and Piezo-Photocatalysis: Energy and Environmental Applications
    Liu Yingxia
    City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong, China Low Melting Point Solder Thin Film for High-density Bonding Technology in 3D IC
    Petr Zeman
    University of West Bohemia Czech Republic Self-formation of Metastable Structures in W-Zr Thin-Film Alloys: Opportunity for Advanced Functional Coatings

    Energy and Environment

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title Bio
    Angel Barranco
    Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla Spain Multifunctional Plasma Polymers and Supported Oxide Nanostructures by Remote Plasma Assisted Vacuum Deposition
    Volker Brüser
    INP Greifswald Germany Plasma-assisted Catalytic Processes for Hydrogen Storage and Production
    Deborah O’Connell
    Dublin City University Ireland Plasma Reactive Species Production and Delivery into Liquids
    Matjaž Godec
    Institute of Metals and Technology Slovenia Plasma Nitriding for Enhanced Corrosion and Wear Resistance in Additive Manufacturing Metallic Materials
    Ton Hurkmans
    Ionbond Netherlands PVD Thin Film Coatings, The Enabling Technology for Sustainable Solutions and Carbon Footprint Reductions
    Alberto Perrotta
    CNR-Nanotec Italy Plasma-driven Atomic-scale Engineering of Functional Material Surfaces in New Generation Energy Devices
    Gregor Primc
    Jozef Stefan Institute Slovenia Synthesis of Multilayer Graphene Nano-mesh from Waste Plastics upon Treatment with Inductively Coupled Plasma in the H-mode
    Li Wang
    Dalian Maritime University China Co-conversion of CO2 and CH4 for Alcohols through Plasma Catalysis

    Bio, Medicine and Agriculture

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title Bio
    Sandra Carvalho
    University of Coimbra Portugal Plasma Surface Modification: A Promising Tool for Biomedical Applications
    Nagendra Kaushik
    KwangWoon University Korea Plasma Based Microbial Inactivation and Environmental Applications
    Sun Jung Kim
    Dongguk University Korea The Interplay of Long Noncoding RNA and MicroRNA Mediates The Anti-Tumor Effect of Cold Atmospheric Plasma in Cancer Cells
    Komgrit Leksakul
    Chiang Mai University Thailand National Research Strategies: Unlocking the Potential of Plasma in Frontier Applications
    Young Koung Lee
    KFE Korea Plasma-Activated Water Application on Biomass and the Plant Tissue Culture in Tomato
    Martina Modic
    Josef Stefan Institute Slovenia Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasma for Removal and Detoxification of Bisphenol-A and Bisphenol-B from Wastewater
    Sanghoo Park
    KAIST Korea Lifetime of Nitric Oxide Produced by a Surface DBD in Controlled Atmospheres
    Masaharu Shiratani
    Kyushu University Japan Quantitative Analysis of Plasma Irradiation Dose to Seeds
    James Walsh
    University of York UK Plasma-Based Strategies for Enhanced Food Safety: From Food-contact Surfaces to Complex Food Products

    Materials and Functional Surface Treatment

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title Bio
    Li Oi Lun Helena
    Pusan National University Korea Plasma-Engineered Negative Surface-Mediated Catalysts for Seawater-based Batteries and Direct Seawater Electrolysis
    Hye Yun Kim
    KIST Korea Plasma Treatments of Nanocellulose Materials and Their Applications in Energy Storage Materials
    Se-Hun Kwon
    Pusan National University Korea Atomic Scale Surface Modification of Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Applications
    Jung Woo Lee
    Pusan National University Korea Carbon-based Functional Materials for Soft Electronics
    Mukesh Ranjan
    Institute for Plasma Research India Ar Plasma Nanostructuring on PTFE Surfaces for the Wettability Transition and Sensing Applications
    Andrey Shukurov
    Charles University Czech Republic One-Step Sputter-Driven Synthesis of Metal Nitride Nanoparticles and Nanofluids