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    Invited Speakers

    Fundamental for Plasmas, Films and Coatings

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Atsushi Ito National Institute for Fusion Science Japan
    Realistic timescale simulation for helium plasma induced tungsten nanostructure formation by multi-hybrid simulation

    Plasma and Ion Sources and Processes

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Gennady Remnev Tomsk Polytechnic University Russia
    High intensity pulsed ion beams application for property modification of materials and coatings

    Functional Films and Processes for Semiconducto

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Henri Mariette University Grenoble- Alpes France
    Surface energy: a key parameter for epitaxial films growth and plasma atomic layer etching
    Masakazu Minami HORIBA STEC, Co.,Ltd. Japan
    Vapor delivery and process monitoring for semiconductor manufacturing process
    Masaru Kurihara Hitachi, Ltd. Japan
    Single Reaction Control for Atomic Layer Etching

    Tribological and Protective Coatings

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Jyh-Wei Lee Ming Chi University of Technology Taiwan
    Characterization of boron contained transition metal nitride hard coatings, thin film metallic glasses and high-entropy alloy coatings: effect of B contents
    Ryuta Ichiki Oita University Japan
    Non-Vacuum Plasma Nitriding with Pulsed-Arc Plasma and Barrier Discharge

    Functional Plasma Surface Treatment and coating

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Maik Froehlich University of Applied Sciences Zwickau Germany
    Investigations on the effect of high voltage pulsed bias on coating deposition by HiPIMS
    Tomas Nyberg Uppsala University Sweden
    Sputtered High Quality Two Dimensional Metal Sulphide Films

    Nano materials and Devices

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Makoto Kambara Tokyo University Japan
    Various nanocomposite anodes for high density lithium-ion storage produced by plasma spray physical vapor deposition
    Toshiaki Kato Tohoku University Japan
    Graphene nanoribbon electronics fabricated with advanced plasma processing
    Silke h Christiansen Helmholz Zentrum Berlin Germany
    Additive manufacturing of ceramics for energy technologies, bio-medical and environmental applications - enhancing functionality and improving materials and devices through correlative microscopy

    Green Energy and Environment

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Tomohiro Nozaki Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
    A source of synergism in plasma catalysis of methane dry reforming
    Ji-won, Choi KoreaInstituteof Scienceand
    Thin Film Rechargeable Batteries for Smart Glass/Lens
    Tao Shao Chinese Academy of Sciences China

    Bio, Agriculture, Medicine and Life

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Toshiyuki Kawasaki Nishinippon Institute of Technology Japan
    Visualization and control of 2-D ROS distribution in liquid matter irradiated with an atmospheric-pressure plasma-jet
    Abhijit Majumdar IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah, WB, India India
    Plasma-jet applications for treatment of fungal infections
    Kristian Wende Leibniz-Institutefor Plasma
    Proteins and Lipids as Targets of Plasma Liquid Chemistry

    Wet and Plasma Electrolytic Processes

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Sungmo Moon Korea Institute of Materials Science Korea
    Formation Mechanism of PEO Films on Metals in Aqueous Solutions
    Evgeny Parfenov Ufa State Aviation Technical University Russia
    Frequency Response Effects on Electrical Field and Microdischarge Distribution during PEO Process
    Wenbin Xue Beijing Normal University China
    Role of reinforcement phases as tracer on growth of microarc oxidation coatings
    Aleksey Yerokhin University of Manchester United Kingdom
    Mechanisms of Charge Transfer Underlying Electrolytic Plasma Processes
    Julien Martin Université de Lorraine, CNRS,
    Institut Jean Lamour
    New insights into the electrical management of the PEO process with emphasis on energy saving
    Jinsub Choi Inha University Korea
    Formation of anodic titanium oxide composites by plasma electrolytic oxidation and its Li-ion battery applications
    Nagahiro Saito Nagoya University Japan
    C-H Activation via Solution Plasma Catalyst

    Industrial Technology and New Applications

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Tsuyoshi Moriya Tokyo Electron Technology
    Solutions Ltd.
    MachineLearningApproachforOptimizing PlasmaProcess
    Hideaki Yamada AIST Japan
    Diamond and Plasma Processing for Industrial Applications
    Dave Doerwald Hauzer Techno Coating B.V Netherland
    Industry 4.0 from the view point of PVD/PECVDcoating production: status and outlook

    Workshop 1

    Plasma Agriculture and Bio

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Jun-Seok Oh Osaka City University Japan
    International Study of the Longer-lived Chemistry of Plasma Activated Water
    Hiromasa Tanaka Nagoya University Japan
    Gene expression analyses revealed the differences of intracellular molecular mechanisms of PAM- and PAL-induced cell death.
    Seong Bong Kim NFRI Korea
    2019statusandfutureprospectsofPlasmaFarmingR&Dactivities at Plasma Technology Research Center,NFRI
    Kazunori Koga Kyushu University Japan
    Cost-Effective Crop Yield Improvement using Non-Thermal Plasmas - from Laboratory to Table -
    Phumon Sookwong Chiang Mai University Thailand
    Enhancement of Nutrition in Cereal Products using Cold-Plasma Technology
    Mudtorlep Nisoa Walailak University Thailand
    Semi-continuous production of PAW with controlled gas pressure and water temperature system for agricultural applications
    Shinya Kumagai Meijo University Japan
    Irradiating single cells with cold atmospheric pressure plasma using a microdevice
    EunHa Choi Kwangwoonj University Korea
    Nonthermal biocompatible plasma (NBP) sources and their characteristics for applications to plasma medicine and agricultures
    Sa-nguansak Thanapornpoonpong Chiang mai University Thailand
    Abhijit Majumdar IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah, WB India
    Plasma-jet applications for treatment of fungal infections

    Workshop 2

    Advanced Films and Devices for Wearable Industry

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Seung Min Kim Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea
    Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Fiber as Strong and Flexible Conducting Wire for Wearable Electronics
    Boo Hyun Kim Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Korea
    High hardness and transparency of PEDOT:PSS and Si nanoparticle hybrid antistatic coating
    Gandla, Srinivas Sungkyunkwan University Korea
    A Conformal stretachable sensors for wearable mobile healthcare system
    Myung-Gil Kim Sungkyunkwan University Korea
    Solution processing of metal chalcogenides for large area electronics
    Hyeonseok Yoon Chonnam National University Korea
    Nanostructured polymer/carbon hybrids for electrochemical electrode applications
    Sungryul Yun Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute Korea
    Transparent and flexible wearable visuo-haptic interface
    Young Ki Hong Gyeongsang National University Korea
    Interfacial Engineering for Realizing High Performance and Flexible Thin-FIlm Transistors
    Jaekyun Kim Hanyang University Korea
    Development and Future Prospect of GaN-on-Si LED

    Special Session

    Tissue Surface Engineering

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Han-Cheol Choe Chosun University Korea
    Nano-Microsized Pore and Tube Formation on Ti-alloyed Dental Implant Surface
    Ayako Oyane AIST Japan
    Laser Plasma Processing for Biofunctional Surface Engineering
    JungHwan Lee National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Korea
    Bioactiveglass Nanoparticles for Dental Tissue Regenration
    Rajendra K.Singh Dankook University Korea
    New approach of silica coated on a polycaprolactone scaffolds for bone tissue engineering and drug delivery
    Kerstin Thorwart EMPA Switzerland
    Coatings for Med-Tech Application: Smarter Implants by HiPIMS