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    Tutorial Lectures

    A serial tutorial lectures are organized by global experts with long experience on fundamental of plasmas, new emerging topic of healthcare by plasma and advanced surface analysis for more sophisticated understanding on plasmas and surface analysis as well new emerging technology of plasma application to students, researchers and engineers. All lectures of the tutorial program are provided both by On-site and On-line in a free of charge for all registered participants. The workshop will be held in a half day at the afternoon on September 26(Sun), 2021. February 7(Mon), 2022.

    Tutorial 1: Fundamentals on Plasma Surface Interaction

    Name Affiliation Nationality
    Holger Kersten Christian-Albrechts University Kiel Germany

    Tutorial 2: Plasma Process Modeling

    Name Affiliation Nationality
    Satoshi Hamaguchi Osaka University Japan

    Tutorial 3: Plasma in Healthcare : As tool of Regenerative Medicine and Development

    Name Affiliation Nationality
    Kenji Ishikawa Nagoya University Japan

    Tutorial 4: Principle and Application of Cutting-edge Surface Analysis Equipment

    Name Affiliation Nationality
    Gi-Uk Yi Korea Basic Science Institute Korea